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Report Scatterplots, Year 2021, Test/Subject EOC Algebra II

Difference between Actual and Pre-Pandemic Projected Score
This selection shows the relationship between "Difference between Actual and Pre-Pandemic Projected Score and Achievement." The difference is based on students' actual test scores from 2020-21 and their projected scores to 2020-21, which assume students had the average pre-pandemic schooling experience. This is one way to quantify the pandemic's impact on student learning. Negative values indicate falling short of projected scores, and positive values indicate exceeding them. Districts and schools can use these patterns and insights to plan for students' recovery and support. Like TVAAS growth measures, the Difference between Actual and Pre-Pandemic Projected Score is reported in Normal Curve Equivalents (NCEs) or in scale scores, depending on the selected test.
School Scatterplot
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