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Teacher Report Approvals

District admins and district users with the Teacher Report Approval Capability use this page to approve, deny, and remove school users' access to individual Teacher Value-Added and School Teacher Summary reports. Changes made on this page take effect immediately, but TVAAS does not send the users notifications.

In cases where multiple users with approval permissionare available, it's possible that one user approved or denied pending requests before another logged on.

Use the Individual Teacher Value-Added Approvals and School Teacher Summary Approvals links to see school users' status for both reports. Click column names to sort by columns.

Use the View by approval status drop-down list to see users by status.

  • Pending Approval: A school admin requested to add access to these school users' accounts.
  • Pending Removal: A school admin requested removal of these school users' existing access.
  • Approved: These users have access.
  • Denied: These users were not given access.
  • Removed: These users had access but it was removed.

Use the check boxes on the left side of the tables to select individual users, or use the check box in the title row to select all users on the page.