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Roster Verification

Instructional Availability

Instructional Availability is determined by the number of days a student is available for instruction, as defined by local policy, during the entire instructional period. The instructional period for the student can be determined using both enrollment and attendance. Instructional Availability is reported as follows.

Traditional or Year-Long Courses (approximately 180 days):

  • Full (F): 150 days or more
  • Partial (P): 149 days or fewer

Modified or Block Courses (approximately 90 days):

  • Full (F): 75 days or more
  • Partial (P): 74 days or fewer

Instructional Availability defaults to full (F) and can be adjusted to partial (P) for any student as needed.

If a student is claimed as "P" Partial, do not enter an Instructional Time percentage.