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Teacher Reports for Admins

Users who hold district admin or school admin accounts might have access to the teacher reports for admins. These reports include Teacher Search, the Teacher List by School, and the District or School teacher Summary. Admins can choose to provide access to others. Access to teacher reporting should be provided only to those who can have access to the confidential data contained in these reports.

Using the data in the teacher reports, admins can assess the academic growth of students served by each teacher, plan for targeted professional development, and consider how to adjust the instructional program to maximize growth for all students.

These reports include access to all the teacher reports for all teachers in the school or district. Because teacher reports contain sensitive information, it's important that they remain secure and confidential.

These reports are listed in the Reports menu, under the section labeled Teacher Reports. If you do not see these reports in the menu, your account does not include access to them.

Each time you access a confidential report, you might have to re-authenticate by following the instructions on the page.