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Roster Verification

Instructional Time

Use Instructional Time to account for situations when more than one teacher is claiming instructional responsibility for a student in a tested subject.

Instructional Time should be calculated based on the first to the last day of the school calendar. This is typically based on a 90-day semester or a 180-day full school year calendar.

To determine Instructional Time, divide the teacher's minutes of instruction by the minutes of total instruction possible. Convert the value to a percentage.

Minutes responsible for instruction is the total number of minutes that an individual teacher was responsible for a student's instruction in a tested content area.

Minutes of total instruction possible is the total number of minutes of instruction for the subject provided to the student. Depending on the number of teachers providing instruction to a student and the delivery schedule of the instruction, you might want to calculate the total minutes of instruction possible within the day, week, month, or year.