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Teacher Reports for Admins

Teacher Search

The Teacher Search enables you to search for individual teachers or groups of teachers.

Searching by Name or Teacher Licensure Number

To search for an individual teacher, enter the teacher's first name, last name, or Teacher Licensure Number. You can enter any combination of these items, but it's not necessary to enter all three. It's also not necessary to enter the teacher's full name. For example, if you enter the first letter of the last name, the search returns all teachers whose last name begins with that letter.

Limiting the Search to Selected Schools

If you have access to Teacher reports at multiple schools, All Schools is selected by default. To limit the search to a single school, select that school from the list. To choose multiple schools, hold down the Ctrl or Shift key on your keyboard while you select the schools in the list.

Limiting the Search by Test, Subject, Grade, and Effectiveness Level

You can limit your search to teachers with reports in a selected subject and grade or course. Start by choosing a test.

Then choose a subject. For grade-specific assessments, you can also limit the search by grade.

To limit the search to teachers whose index fell into a specific effectiveness level, choose from the Effectiveness Level drop-down list.

When you've finished setting the search options, click Submit.

Viewing the Search Results

The results list all teachers who meet the criteria you selected for the search. The teachers are listed alphabetically by last name. Depending on your search criteria, some teachers might be listed multiple times, once for each grade and subject or course in which they received a report.

The column on the far right lists the effectiveness level for each grade and subject or course in which the teacher received a report.

To sort the list by any column, click on the column heading.

To view a Teacher Value-Added report for a specific grade and subject or course, click on the teacher's name in the corresponding row.