Table of Contents

Understanding the Tables

There are multiple tables you can use to find view additional testing information for your student. Each table is located in a Data tile, and you can control the data you want to view by using the global filter panel on the left of the report.

You can expand or collapse each tile as well to easily view the data in each table.

To expand or collapse a data tile, click the blue square at the top of the report.

Tables in Each Data Tile

While the graphs in the Testing History section of the Student report provide visual representation of student projections, the first set of tables below the graph displays the student's data in more detail.

Testing History

The Testing History table displays the student's testing history such as the assessments the student took in the past, the school where they took their assessments, and the grade the assessment was administered.

Growth Across Time

The Growth Across Time table displays detailed information about Past Expected and Future Projected testing data for the student.

Value-Added History

The Value-Added History data tile displays the district, school, and teacher value-added measures at the time the student was connected to them. The data displayed in this tile depends on your account permissions.