Table of Contents

Creating Usage Reports

Usage reports provide admin account holders with information about the number of times users have logged in to TVAAS. State admins can view usage data for all users in the state. District admins can view usage data for all users in their own district. School admin can view usage data for users in their own school.

To generate a usage report, click the Admin link in the top right of the screen, and select Usage Report from the menu above the list of users.

To view more detailed information for a district, school, or individual user, click the names listed in the table.

Setting Parameters

By default, the report displays usage data for the past 16 days. To change the parameters for the usage report, click Select Parameters above the graph. In addition to setting the start and end dates, you can also choose the report type and whether to include users with zero logins in the report.

There are two report types available, Summary and Yearly Comparison. The Summary report displays the number of logins for the time frame you set. The Yearly Comparison displays the number of logins during the time span you set for each year.