Table of Contents

Teacher/Student Equity

To address concerns about students' equitable access to effective teaching, TVAAS offers a report that allows authorized users to compare students' access to effective teaching based on selected student characteristics. Effective teaching is defined as a Level 4 or 5 teacher in this report. The report shows, for example, the percentage of at-risk students taught by an effective teacher compared to the percentage of not at-risk students taught by an effective teacher.

The purposes of this report are to:

  • Explore equity gaps between teaching effectiveness and student-level characteristics.
  • Compare trends in a school among different student groups and tested content areas.
  • Compare trends among schools.
  • Provide lists of highly effective teachers and enrolled students at a school based on the selected demographics and most recent data available.
Access to State, District, or School Teacher Summary is required to view the Teacher/Student Equity report. Contact your admin for access to this report, if appropriate.