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Roster Verification

Assign other school users the School Roster Approver permission

In some cases, such as in large schools, the school admin might need help verifying rosters. To accommodate this, the school admin can assign the School Roster Approver permission to one or more additional users at the school. A school user with this permission can perform the same Roster Verification actions that the school admin can perform, with the exception of managing TVAAS accounts for teachers. school users who also serve as teachers, and have their own rosters to verify, cannot be assigned the School Roster Approver permission.

  1. Click the Admin link.
  2. Click the name of a user.
  3. In the school user Account Summary box, click Modify Access. The Modify Extra Permissions box opens.
  4. If you see a field for the user's Employee ID, enter it, or if it is already there, verify it is correct.
  5. Select the School Roster Approver check box.
  6. Click Next until you get to the Confirm Access Changes box.
  7. Click Submit Changes.
  8. When the school user Account Summary box opens, click Close.