Table of Contents

Student Search

Defining a Search

When defining a search, you can choose as many options as you'd like. However, it's not necessary to make a choice in each section of options. You can leave options blank or unselected.

Finding Students by Name or State Secure ID

To search by name:

  1. Click Student Search in the reports menu.
  2. Enter the student's name in the space provided. You can enter last name only or last name, first name.
  3. Click Submit.

You will receive a list of students whose names begin with the string of letters you entered. For example, if you enter "Smith," the list includes all students with the last name "Smithers" as well as "Smith." If you enter "Smith, John," the list includes only students named John Smith.

To search for students by State Secure ID, enter the student's State Secure ID in the space provided. Then click Submit. If you enter a partial State Secure ID, your results will include all students whose State Secure ID begins with the sequence of numbers you entered.

Searching by Grade

To limit your search to a single grade:

  1. Select the grade from the Grades drop-down menu on the Student Search page. Alternatively, select Any Grade to search for students in all grades. Then click submit.
    1. If enrollment data has been submitted to TVAAS, the search will find students based on where they are currently enrolled. To search for students based on where they last tested, choose that option from the menu.
  2. Then click submit.

Searching by Race, Gender, or Demographics

Sometimes it is helpful to find students by shared characteristics rather than by name. Student Search allows you to customize your search to identify groups of students who meet your criteria.

To limit your search by race, gender, and/or demographic characteristic:

  1. Click the check box next to each category you would like to include.
  2. When you've finished selecting the search criteria, click the Submit button.

If you make multiple selections in the same column, the resulting list includes any student who matches any of the criteria. If you make selections from multiple columns, the resulting list includes only students who match all the criteria you selected.

For example, if you select Black or African American and Hispanic, the search results include all students who are either Black/African American or Hispanic. If you also select one of the demographic characteristics, your results include only Black/African American and Hispanic students with that demographic characteristic.

No Students Found

If your search results in no students found, return to the search page and review your search parameters.