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Teacher/Student Equity

Teacher/Student Information

The Teacher/Student Identification page provides information to help school admins identify potential opportunities to support specific students' academic needs. This report helps answer the question:

Who are the current effective teachers and enrolled students in this school based on the selections from the school's Teacher/Student Equity report?

The information contained in the report is determined by the selections made on the previous page. The report provides two lists.

  • The first list includes teachers identified as highly effective (Level 4 or 5) at this school.
  • The second list includes enrolled students in the current school year at this school based on selected characteristics.

These lists are based on the most recent data available and might include different students and teachers than those included in the Teacher/Student Equity report. This is because it is a more recent cohort.

Consider how school admins can use these lists to support continued student learning and academic growth.

Report Information Box

After making selections for teacher characteristics, student group, and subjects/grades on a previous page, the gray box on the left will serve as a reminder of which teachers and students are included in the lists below. This example includes:

  • Teachers identified as highly effective
  • Students identified as at-risk in the test/subject/grade area of English Language Arts for third grade and fourth grade

If more than one subject/grade is selected, each will be listed separately in this report. In these cases, teachers and students might be listed for one subject but not another. In this example, teachers might be highly effective in fourth-grade English Language Arts but not in fourth-grade Math. Equally, students might be considered at-risk for fourth-grade English Language Arts but not at-risk for fourth-grade Math.

To make changes in the information displayed, click the back button in your browser, make the desired changes by changing the student dropdown or removing or adding check marks next to subjects/grades, and re-click submit.

When starting out, it might be useful to keep selections to a specific subject/grade or a single subject area to more easily understand the effectiveness of the teachers shown.

Highly Effective Teacher List

In the image to the right, four teachers received a highly effective value-added rating. Three were identified as Level 5, the most effective teachers, and one was identified as Level 4 with above average effectiveness. To access the teacher's Value-Added report, click on the teacher's name.

At-Risk Student List

Based on the selections made when generating the Teacher/Student Equity report, the list above contains students who are considered at-risk in English Language Arts for the 2018-19 school year. To appear on this list, the following criteria must be met:

  • Students must be enrolled in the school.
  • Students must have a projection to at least one selected subject/grade or course.
  • The students must meet the student characteristic criteria. A student must be flagged as a member of that specific demographic group, or in the case of at-risk selection, the student's projected score must be in the lowest performance level.

In this example, students are considered at-risk in third-, fourth-, fifth-, or sixth-grade English Language Arts. To access each student's testing history, click on an individual name to navigate to each Student History Report by subject.