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Custom Student Reports

Using the Report

The Custom Student Report enables you to create and save lists of students and their projections to future assessments. The data in these reports can help teachers, admins, and others make better informed decisions for students. This feature is particularly useful in assisting educators in:

  • Determining the need for various resources, such as intervention or enrichment opportunities
  • Identifying students to recommend for specific interventions or enrichment opportunities
  • Determining course placements for students
  • Encouraging students to participate in college/career ready assessments
  • Supporting continuous school improvement
  • Developing long-range comprehensive plans
  • Planning for differentiated instruction in the classroom

Because educators can choose from a list of search options, educators can create meaningful lists based on a variety of criteria. Teachers can create reports that include only their currently enrolled students. School admins and specialists can create lists of students who are at risk for underachievement in multiple subjects or are participating in specific programs or interventions. Users who have access to student reports in multiple schools can create reports that include students in some or all of those schools.

As you work with Custom Student Reports, it's important to keep these questions in mind:

  • Are the listed students currently on a trajectory to be successful in the selected subject or content area?
  • Are you, as an educator, satisfied with the probability that the students listed will be successful at the selected achievement level?
  • Are appropriate strategies in place to meet the needs of students projected to score at different achievement levels?
  • Does the school have the appropriate courses available to meet these students' needs? What is the schedule of courses? Does it fit these students' needs?
  • Do these students have access to the appropriate interventions and resources they need? If yes, are they participating in those interventions and/or taking advantage of the available resources?
  • Is enough challenging instruction being provided to these students? Do they have access to appropriate enrichment opportunities and resources?
  • Are the school structures equipped to allow these students to receive appropriate support if they are advanced in one area but struggling in other areas?
  • What supports are available to the parents of these students?