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Custom Student Reports

Viewing Existing Reports

Choosing Custom Student Reports from the Reports menu produces a list of reports you have created. If a school admin has shared Custom Student Reports with you, those reports will also appear in the list.

From this list, you can edit, rename, or delete any report that you created. You can only view reports that a school admin shared with you.

To view a report, click the report name.

To add students to a report, click Add Students in the Options menu for that report row. Clicking this option will open the Student Search. Complete the search and choose the students you'd like to add. For detailed instructions on how to search for students for your report, see Defining a Search.

You may also rename or delete your report from the Options menu. If you delete a report, it will be permanently removed from the system and cannot be retrieved.

If your school admin has shared reports with you, you can view those reports, but you cannot modify, rename, or delete them.