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Custom Student Reports

The student projections found in the TVAAS restricted website are the same calculations provided as in previous years and are based only on student information from the 2018-19 school year and earlier. The projections are based on each student's testing history from 2019 and earlier as well as the average schooling experience from 2019. These projections do not use achievement data from the 2019-20 school year.

For example, if a student in fourth grade took an ELA assessment in 2018-19, then they received a student projection in fall 2019 for fifth and sixth grade. Since there was no assessment in spring 2020, the student's sixth-grade projection would remain the same in fall 2020. These projections, when combined with information and resources available locally, might assist educators with planning for students' academic success.

Custom Student Reports enable you to create and save lists of students for future reference. If your account does not include access to student reports, you will not see Custom Student Reports in the Reports menu.

Custom Student Reports remain in TVAAS until the next year of reporting is released.

Only a school admin can create Custom Student Reports to share with other school users within their school. The school admin may assign these reports, and any school user with account management access may share reports initially created and shared by the school admin.