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School Diagnostic Summary

The School Diagnostic Summary displays information for the selected assessment from the School Diagnostic reports. It includes data for all schools in the district that you are authorized to view. If you don't have access to this report, it does not appear in your Reports menu.

Educators can use this report to determine if growth patterns across achievement levels are consistent for all grades or courses. Examining these patterns of growth can help educators identify strengths and areas for improvement involving curriculum, instructional practices, intervention and enrichment opportunities, resource allocation, and the availability of appropriate materials and professional development opportunities.

The data in this report can be a meaningful part of

  • Comprehensive planning
  • Annual district-level planning
  • Annual school-level planning
  • Periodic district-wide grade-level planning

It is important to remember that this report is intended to be used for diagnostic purposes, and not for evaluative or accountability purposes.

In grades 3–8 in 2015–16, the state of Tennessee suspended testing for mathematics, English language arts, science, and social studies. Therefore, scale scores are not available for these assessments. As a result, the 2016–17 and 2017–18 TVAAS reporting in grades 5–8 for mathematics, English language arts, and science does not include 2015–16 test scores. For more information, see the FAQ or Statistical Models and Business Rules.