Table of Contents

Growth Columns

Use growth data to:

  • Make fair comparisons across subjects, grades, courses, and years
  • Find areas of strength and areas that need improvement

The table below gives general information about the growth columns and links to more in-depth information.

Column NameGlossary DefinitionWhere to Find More Information
Growth IndexAn indicator of the certainty that the group of students met, exceeded, or fell short of expected growth.Understanding the Growth Index
Growth Measure

A conservative estimate of the growth that students made, on average, in a grade and subject or course.

Growth Measures And Standard Errors
Standard ErrorGrowth is reported as an estimate and its interpretation is dependent upon the amount of error or variation in the estimate. This error or variation is expressed in terms of the standard error. This is represented as solid (1 standard error) and dotted (2 standard errors) whisker lines.Growth Measures And Standard Errors
Growth Measure PercentileA value that represents where the growth measure for the group of students falls in the distribution for this assessment.Understanding the Growth Measure Distribution
Student CountThe number of students included in the analysis.Understanding the Student Count