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Why Students' NCEs Might Change

Students' NCEs might change from year to year for the following reasons:

  • Exclusion rules might change. Exclusion rules for one year might include and exclude different students than the exclusion rules for another year. For example, if a business rule changed to include students that were previously excluded current and previous NCEs would be adjusted with this change.
  • Each year we have more student assessment data. In some cases, this additional data enables us to know more about a student's cohort and testing history, which might impact which student data are included or excluded. For example, a student that was accelerated or retained and tested with a different grade level (cohort) in the most recent prior year available was excluded. In the current year, this student might be included now that they have assessment data with the student's new cohort.

These small differences in student counts within each year can cause slight shifts in the NCEs for prior years.

NCEs on Value-Added reports do not change from year to year.