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Report School Value-Added Summary, District Davidson County, Year 2019, Test ACT

Estimated School Growth Measure
School NameEnglishMathReadingScience/ReasoningComposite
Antioch High School2019-0.40-0.54-0.27-0.62-0.47
3-Yr Avg-0.19-0.350.32-0.20-0.10
Cane Ridge High School2019-0.40-0.37-0.13-0.22-0.29
3-Yr Avg-0.51-0.46-0.31-0.68-0.50
East Nashville Magnet High School20190.47-0.27-
3-Yr Avg-0.17-0.41-0.25-0.06-0.24
Glencliff High School20190.
3-Yr Avg-0.29-0.280.00-0.50-0.24
Hillsboro High20190.510.140.440.410.40
3-Yr Avg0.06-0.290.20-0.12-0.02
Hillwood High2019-0.50-0.33-0.17-0.33-0.32
3-Yr Avg-0.29-0.50-0.15-0.48-0.37
Hume - Fogg High20192.123.242.612.282.62
3-Yr Avg2.052.862.372.222.44
Hunters Lane High20190.06-0.070.26-0.55-0.05
3-Yr Avg-0.21-0.27-0.03-0.72-0.31
Jere Baxter Alternative Learning Center2019-0.810.12-0.50-0.42-0.56
3-Yr Avg----------
John Overton High2019-0.19-0.220.300.02-0.00
3-Yr Avg-0.01-0.140.17-0.11-0.02
KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School20192.671.641.320.811.62
3-Yr Avg2.521.971.010.771.62
Knowledge Academy20190.30-0.040.470.270.29
3-Yr Avg----------
Lead Academy20190.770.660.790.690.75
3-Yr Avg0.09-
Maplewood High2019-0.25-0.29-0.08-0.15-0.17
3-Yr Avg-0.70-0.35-0.40-0.74-0.56
Martin Luther King Jr School20191.892.
3-Yr Avg1.622.491.191.301.66
McGavock High2019-0.13-0.34-0.17-0.09-0.19
3-Yr Avg-0.35-0.62-0.010.00-0.25
Middle College High20191.08-
3-Yr Avg1.01-0.230.600.470.53
MNPS Virtual School20190.27-0.570.43-0.100.01
3-Yr Avg----------
Nashville Big Picture High School2019-0.230.09-
3-Yr Avg0.11-0.35-0.220.13-0.08
Nashville School Of The Arts20191.54-
3-Yr Avg1.04-0.470.890.090.42
Pearl-Cohn High2019-1.03-0.42-0.70-0.49-0.68
3-Yr Avg-0.65-0.31-0.35-0.62-0.50
RePublic High School20191.09-1.18-0.19-0.39-0.16
3-Yr Avg----------
STEM Prep High School20191.690.560.810.730.96
3-Yr Avg----------
Stratford STEM Magnet School2019-
3-Yr Avg-0.36-0.38-0.17-0.56-0.40
The Academy at Old Cockrill2019-0.100.08-0.01-0.07-0.01
3-Yr Avg-0.26-0.100.10-0.69-0.24
The Cohn School2019-1.18-0.35-0.85-0.53-0.74
3-Yr Avg----------
Whites Creek High2019-1.23-0.73-0.63-0.63-0.84
3-Yr Avg-1.01-0.45-0.46-0.61-0.64
 Significant evidence that the school's students made more growth than expected.
 Moderate evidence that the school's students made more growth than expected.
 Evidence that the school's students made growth as expected.
 Moderate evidence that the school's students made less growth than expected.
 Significant evidence that the school's students made less growth than expected.
--The school does not have data for this test and subject in the most recent year.

Achievement results and growth results must be used together to get a complete picture of student learning.